Welcome to ALUMARIN boats

We specialize in making aluminum boats. Many years experience of our company’s team members in the production of aluminum boats allows us to produce extremely high-quality and thought-out products at a competitive price.

Our Aluminum Boats are designed as per your needs. Built to highly performing and stable. We offer various selections, seating configurations, and accessories, enabling complete customization of every aspect of the Alumarin Boat to fit your specific needs. Every Alumarin boat is built to order.

450 CC

550 CC

690 CC

690 BF

690 Cabin


760 BF

760 cabin

830 cabin

900 cabin

Boat accessories


  • Are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is resistant to corrosion and salt water;
  • They are resistant to cold and heat;
  • The hull of Alumarin boats is  all-welded (monohull), which ensures strength, reliability and durability during operation;
  • Aluminum boats are unpretentious for daily use and maintenance;
  • Easy repair of the boat hull in case of damage;
  • Aluminum boats have a high value in the secondary market, they are easy to dispose of and recycle, which allows reuse of recycled aluminum alloy without polluting the environment.